Nonprofit Engagement Advisors

Connecting people, communities, and resources to grow exempt organizations.

Nonprofit executive support team

Is this happening in your organization?
Nonprofit executive support could be the answer!

We struggle to find a good fit for our directors so we miss out on development opportunities.

Retaining fundraisers more than two years is difficult. Subsequently, donors are lost.

We struggle to meet financial obligations or build reserves for the future.

We need legal and nonprofit expertise from a trusted partner with, above all, experience to help.

There isn’t enough help to increase community impact. Consequently, we are failing our people. 

Our Group:

NEA has invested more than 25 years with local and national nonprofit organizations as a support center for nonprofit management, and over 30 years with national and international Fortune 250 companies providing general operating support for nonprofits. We have developed a specific skill set to bring success to exempt organizations and ensure their mission is achieved and sustained over time. 

Using our group’s wide range experience and expertise, NEA will add value to any size organization and the people it serves.


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Covid-19 Support for Nonprofit Management

We at NEA hope you and your families are staying safe and doing as well as can be expected. I expect that your last board meeting did not anticipate the level of economic uncertainty the Covid-19 Virus would bring. Most nonprofit organizations are not prepared for such a dramatic shift in funding and attending to those you serve.

NEA is a virtual office with a team poised to provide general operating support for nonprofits, and guidance through these uncertain times.

Here are three easy places to start:

1. MESSAGING: Reach out to those you serve and the stakeholders that support you. Let them know the steps you are taking to continue your mission during these uncertain times. People are at home and limiting work so they will appreciate communication, videos, resources, and ideas that will keep them engaged with your organization. Your messaging should highlight what makes your organization unique. It distinguishes your organization from others.

2. DIVERSIFY REVENUES: Now is the time to look at your fundraising pipeline and see how you can diversify revenues to ensure funding continues. This current situation is an opportunity to advance, reinvent or retool, and prepare to succeed. One idea is to research what corporations have pledged to help during the pandemic and engage them for a new source of financial support. Government grants, like those listed at, provide novel funding to properly qualified applicants.

3. MAINTAIN ENGAGEMENT: If you provide programs or services, ensure you can engage your community. This can be done virtually or you can use delivery services to bring people programs and resources to their doorstep.

All of us at NEA wish you and your organization well and  stand ready to help you navigate through this difficult time. We can provide you with the services you need immediately, look forward to engaging you further, and hope to hear from you soon.


Brad Lebowsky, CEO