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We appreciate hearing from the people we work with. Here's a few examples of what others are saying about us:


“We were incredibly fortunate to have Brad help us develop an Employee Handbook as a pro bono project. He provided us with a really great and very comprehensive template, and facilitated productive sessions with the team and Board members to discuss and work through all the issues. We now have a solid, professional, up-to-date document that will serve both our team-development and HR compliance needs. Thanks, Brad!”

Erin Esparza, Executive Director
Classroom Law Project


“Brad is a highly professional and productive asset to our team. Brad can be counted on, trusted, and held accountable for all aspects of nonprofit fundraising and management”

Jason Johnson
Founder of Project K-9 Hero


“One of the best managers/directors I have ever had. Brad inspires his team, and gets meaningful results; I learned a tremendous amount from him, even though I had been in the events business for over ten years. I worked my tail off for Brad, and was happy to do it. He is an exceptional leader.”

Suzanne Phillips
Suzanne Events


"Brad assisted us with grant writing, including identifying foundations whose missions were in alignment with ours, writing the grants, and recommending the amount that we were requesting.  His approach was thorough, professional and quick.  I would highly recommend Brad to any nonprofit seeking help with grant writing."

Wendy Winks
Co-Founder / Executive Director
Rock School Scholarship Fund


"I saw Brad draw on the following strengths:
• His deep understanding of how to develop and document training that becomes standard operating procedures.
• His ability to gain buy-in from multiple levels of an organization in driving change.
• His ability to leverage his own strengths to complement the strengths of the other leaders and team members.
I believe that Brad Lebowsky would be a strong asset to any company and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him in the future."

Linda Swanstrom
Retired, EVP of Business Development