Connecting people, communities, and resources to grow exempt organizations.

What We Do



HR ENHANCEMENT – We provide the complete solution from training, retention, employee handbook, and employee engagement.



RETAIL MANAGEMENT – We can work with your ecommerce or brick and mortar retail operations to help you maximize your reach and donations.



ENGAGEMENT – Using a strength based approach, our advisors will help you improve your engagement with employees, donors, and volunteers to improve retention.



ACTIVE FUNDRAISING – We specialize in helping exempt organizations gain new revenue streams, and strengthen traditional revenue streams. Diversification and balance is the key to long-term stability.



EXECUTIVE MATCH – We will help you to set the foundation for your next Executive; then we will recruit, train, and help you retain this Executive and realize the gains from your investment.



COMPETITIVE STRATEGY – We work with your committee and provide the research, the structure, and the implementation to reach your short-term and long-term strategic goals.



DIVERSITY – EQUITY – INCLUSION -- We will take you from concept, to policy, to implementation with our training and evaluation tools.



GOLD STANDARD GOVERNANCE – Using our proven Nonprofit Checklist we will get your exempt organization ready to make your next Form 990 a marketing success, and prepare your organization to work more effectively with your legal and tax advisors.



MEANINGFUL BOARD TRAINING – We apply strong leadership training, generational strategies, mindful governance, and proven communication strategies to help your exempt organization board create lasting impact.



PROGRAM SUCCESS – We help build new programs and initiatives to expand your community impact and engage with those you serve.



INCREASE VISIBILITY – Our marketing services will help to grow your audience, including designing and maintaining your website, branding, social media and event management services.



FINANCIAL PROWESS – From bookkeeping, to budget analysis, to a CFO level review of your financial policies, we can help.



COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE SOLUTIONS - From recommendations on directors and officers insurance to gap insurance on workers compensation, your exempt organization needs the right balance of coverage to fit your needs and budget.



TECHNOLOGY INNOVATIONS - From basic computer needs to firewalls and IT solutions, we can help.