Executive Search

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Executive Search and Support: Our signature service:


We provide you with an experienced and highly qualified interim Executive to help assure your continuity, and support your staff, until the vacancy is filled.

We work with your staff to ensure that the foundation and business structure is properly set for your next Executive to hit the ground running.

We manage the ad placement, screening, and initial interviewing of candidates.

We present the top candidates to your committee and help you select the perfect fit.

We work with your new executive for the first 60 days to ensure they are following the foundation and training we have developed with you.

We will follow up and help your board and staff evaluate the Executive’s performance in 90 days, 6 months, and 1 year after the hire date to ensure we are providing support for your new Executive to be successful.

Management Sciences used include Strength Based Management, Servant Leadership, and Gallup Q12 Strategies.