Author: Brad Lebowsky

16 May

Engaging Your Audience

Engaging Your Audience Recently I attended a live event hosted by a billion dollar foundation. The foundation had not hosted a live event in two years. They were very...

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26 Apr

People Business

People Business When I was nine years old, I started working for my Dad at his men’s clothing store in the garment district, Los Angeles, California. When I became...

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18 Apr

Why Assessments Matter

Why Assessments Matter Assessments are common for outside resources to understand what is needed within an organization. At times, assessments can take months. What I am suggesting is taking...

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28 Mar


Listening The art of listening has changed in the last two years. As our society shifted to increase virtual communication, our ability to listen critically has been diminished. Listening...

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14 Mar

Pay Equity

Pay Equity Since 1963, there have been laws requiring pay equity yet pay equity has not been accomplished as it relates to equal pay for equal work regardless of...

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06 Mar

Retail Innovation

Retail Innovation Retail sales is a powerful and diverse revenue stream for nonprofit organizations. While some organizations are savvy in their approach to retailing or merchandising, other organizations are...

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27 Feb

Gap Management

Gap Management Gap management is an important part of managing your community impact as a nonprofit organization. Gap management can include following your mission, community impact, financial impact, and...

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20 Feb

The Art Of Budgeting

The Art Of Budgeting Most nonprofit organizations use budgets as limiting expenses and base these budgets only on trends of previous years. It’s simple to say let’s spend 20%...

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14 Feb


Relevance Most nonprofits take their mission for granted. As communities change and people we serve require new solutions, many nonprofits stay true to their mission and traditional programming. This...

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06 Feb

Governance Made Easy

Governance Made Easy Some people think of governance as a set of small laws or bureaucracy that can slow down a nonprofit organization. If you think of governance this...

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